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video and content production.

We have many years of experience in producing the below variety of video content. There is no budget too small or too tight when it comes to realising a project. We have managed and produced productions of all sizes from the smallest to the largest. We can make personalised packages suiting everyone's needs and expectations for all stages of production. 

Over the last two decades we have worked with the largest media outlets and news televisions around the world including the BBC, CNN, Reuters, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, AFP, AP, APTN, CCTV, Global TV, SNTV and RT.



Television films and series, documentaries, music and entertainment shows, children programs, reality television, talk shows, cooking and life style magazines, morning TV programs, TV competitions,  in- house-program production. 

We have three brand new OB vans available for outside broadcasts. We use the most technically advanced equipment available on the market today with the most expert crew in the field . 

Music videos, music events, concert videos, festivals, fashion shows, markets, balls, circus, stage and theater performances.


All corporate video producation including: Commercials, Brand films Case studies, Internal communications, Event videos, Explainer videos, Training videos, Seminars and Conferences. 

Horseracing, K1, boxing, ice hockey, football, waterpolo, Formula 1.


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