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OB Van & Equipment rental


We have the most up to date OB Vans and HD television broadcast equipment available for rental either short or long term with or without the crew however we always provide a technical expert for training to help the clients during the initial period. All insurance and transportation is organised. We have package prices suitable for all productions.


Cardinal Film offers consultancy for long term OB Van rental. From the available six, the largest one is capable of using up to 20 cameras, while the other smaller versions up to 10 - 12 cameras. 

OB Vans available


1. 40 tonnes Stevens T655-02. Large size, refurbished: 2013, 3 rooms)

2. 10.5 tonnes Mercedes expanded truck. Medium size, refurbished: 2012, 2 rooms)

3.  7.5 tonnes Iveco. Medium size, refurbished: 2013, 2 rooms)

4.  3.5 tonnes Fiat Ducato. Small size, refurbished: 2014, 2 rooms)

5.  3.5 tonnes Mercedes Benz Sprinter. (Small size, refurbished: 2012)

6.  14 tonnes MAN double expanded truck (Medium size, 3 rooms, under refurbishment)


OB Vans

OB Vans

40 tonnes, 7.5 tonnes, 3.5 tonnes.

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