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tax rebates.

In Hungary there was a new, simple and transparent state film incentive system introduced in 2003 to stimulate the Hungarian film industry.


Today all foreign productions eligible and through their Hungarian production partner can apply


  • for a 25% - 30% rebate from all budget expenses spent in Hungary with local companies and individuals

  • also for 25 % rebate on qualifying budget elements spent in foreign counties up to 25% of the total Hungarian spend.

  • Both of these 25% will paid cash after the production finished in Hungary and all paperwork (expenses, invoices and budgets) have been sent and revised by the National Film Office. 


other incentives.

If your script has Hungarian elements and/or relevance we can apply for other funds through the Hungarian Film Fund. This can be applied through the Hungarian co-partner at the script writing / development, production or post-production stage.


There are a board of film experts and professionals at the Hungarian National Film Fund who will be deciding if your scrip could receive further funding.


The Hungarian Film Fund can invest up to 50% of your production budget for Hungarian co-productions.

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