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Hungarian film heritage



What we proud of…


The Hungarian film industry has produced about 1700 feature films in the course of its history. 150 films were produced on average annually in the last 110 years. The story of the Hungarian Cinema begins in 1896 with the screenings of films by the Lumiére brothers in Budapest, not long after in the same year the first Hungarian cinema was opened and the first film shooting took place.


The first Hungarian film was 'A Táncz' (The Dance) by Gyula Pekár and Béla Zsitovszky, which premiered on 30 April 1901. Hungarian filmmakers affected the world of cinema in- and outside of Hungary. Works by directors such as István Szabó, Zoltán Fábri, Béla Tarr or Miklós Jancsó made the Hungarian film notable and integrated part of the world’s cinema.


But Hungarians also made their name around the world: such as the founder of Fox Studios: William Fox; Alexander Korda establishing Britain’s Korda Studios, Adolph Zukor the name behind Paramount Pictures or Michael Curtiz the director of Casablanca (1942). 


Some of the most successful Hungarian films are Merry-go-round (1956, Zoltan Fábri), Mephisto (1981, István Szabó), Kontroll (2003, Nimród Antal), Taxidermia (2006, György Pálfi), Bibliotheque Pascal (2010, Szabocs Hajdú),  Csak a szél (2012, Benedek Fliegauf), The Notebook (2013, János Szász), White God (2014, Kornél Mudruczó),  Son of Saul (2015, László Nemes) Mindenki (2016, Kristóf Deák)  In 2015, 13 feature films were produced in Hungary by the Hungarian Film Industry. 

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